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In this forever changing world with the divorce rate at 50% and out of wedlock birth at nearly 40%, there is a need for cards that express the thoughts and point of vies of people who reluctantly find themselves in unfortunate but sometimes necessary circumstances. Xcards are here to help restore, build and maintain relationships by providing a bridge of communication between people that are not together but never forgotten. Greeting cards available for all your ex relationships.

KB@cards4x.com - Kenneth Bass (Founder & CEO)
Wanda@cards4x.com - Wanda Williams (Vice President & Public Relations)


Mailing Address:
Xcards, LLC
269 Sherman Avenue
Newark, NJ 07114

Phone: (973) 433-6603

 E-mail: info@cards4x.com


269 Sherman avenue Newark, NJ 07114 | Email: info@cards4x.com | Phone: (973) 433-6603

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